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The perfect fit for a busy lifestyle – The Vivid inspire earphones from yurbuds quite literally are the perfect fit for your ears, giving exceptional sound quality without compromising on comfort.

For the busy parent, earphones have never sounded better.

Features and Benefits

  • Developed by Athletes for durability and comfort
  • Allows background sounds in without effecting sound quality
  • Resistant to water and sweat
  • Narrow angled plug to easily connect your device
  • TwistlockTM technology to guarantee your earphones don’t fall out
  • Surprisingly comfortable

Reviewer’s Experience

yurbuds – in their mission to develop the perfect earphones built by athletes for athletes, have created a fantastic set of earphones that work twice as well for busy and active parents.   Not your average set of earphones, yurbuds have developed their own unique ‘sound tunnels’ that fit onto the earphones like a glove. Its the sound tunnels that make the inspire range so unique.

The sound tunnel enhancers are designed to fit into the bowl of the ear and direct the sound right into your canal giving the headphones incredible sound quality and an exceptional sound range. Boosting it into a high performance set of earphones comparable to headphones costing twice as much.

Call quality is also high, letting you hear every word, and even on a poor line, the sound tunnel lets you hear every word.  Not only is the sound quality high, meaning you don’t have to turn the volume up so much, but you can also hear what’s going on around you, whether you’re jogging with a stroller on a busy road, or listening out for the kids while on an important business call from home. The sound tunnels really do let you hear everything.

Connecting the headphones is also made simple and the narrow angled plug works so well, especially if you have a phone/mp3 protector cover on your device.
With some earphones built with larger plugs, it means you have to remove all, or part of your cover to connect. But yurbuds seem to have thought of everything.  Even the twist lock technology, helpful for athletes and marathon runners, is just as helpful for busy parents. Once you have twisted and locked the earbuds in place, yurbuds guarantee they wont fall out no matter if your, cooking, cleaning, stroller jogging, dropping the kids off at school and are soft and comfortable enough to wear all day long so you will never miss a beat.

Even if the earbuds don’t fit perfectly, yurbuds will send you more sound tunnels until you get the perfect fit giving you a great set of earphones that tick all the boxes and have instructional videos on the website to help you get the most from your headphones.

Great customer service. Exceptional earphones.