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Where to Buy: Outdoor Living Direct

With the warmer weather and the promise it brings of a long and probably hot summer we started thinking about our leisure time.  Hot weather, shady trees and gentle breezes, what else could it be?  We got a hammock.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to put up – set and relax
  • Tough – will last well
  • Stable – not likely to ‘throw’ you

Reviewer’s Experience

This family is in love with the Hammock.  Since it arrived from Outdoor Living Direct (excellent service and very quick to deliver and respond by the way) we have a new weekend past-time.  Okay; so we have to wait our turn but until we get one for everyone this one helps us relax in a very comfortable way without even leaving home.

The Caterina hammock is designed to withstand all weather conditions and features a weather resistant polyester fabric, providing luxury, comfort and strength all in one.  The crossbar is what Mum loves as it helps to keep the hammock open and distribute the weight evenly.  And once you get yourself settled it’s hard work for someone to get you out.

If you have been thinking about getting a Hammock take it from us, this is one idea you should not put off.  Not just Dad, it’s also Mum and the kids chosen place to be soaking up the sun or relaxing in the shade depending on their choice.