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Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bags pride themselves on providing high-quality baby to toddler bean bags.  All of their products are personally checked, to ensure quality, comfort and safety.  All Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bags meet Australian Safety Standards.

Catering for all tastes and styles, there is sure to be a Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bag just right for you.

Features and Benefits

  • 2 different tops – interchangeable with a zipper
  • Can be used from newborn to toddler and above!
  • Australian Safety Standard approved
  • A range of colourful designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to empty or refill
  • Waterproof base
  • Can be used inside or out, due to hardy fabrics
  • Great for reflux babies
  • Separate inner liner for beans
  • Free shipping Australia Wide

Reviewers Experience

My little one doesn’t like laying on the floor.  She gets so frustrated at not being able to see what’s going on in the world around her.  She’s too little to sit up yet, and she can’t be propped up on pillows as it’s too unsafe.

When the Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bag arrived, I was unsure if it was going to suit our needs.  It seemed to be too ‘full’.  However, after reading the little pamphlet that came along with the bean bag, I soon realised how easy it was going to be to remove some of the beans to provide the right level of support and comfort for my little one.  The separate inner liner – which is accessed via a zipper on the bottom of the bean bag – made it so much easier to remove some of the beans, without all that typical ‘bean bag mess’ I am sure may of us are used to.

After a little bit of getting the volume right, I secured Little Miss into the Baby Bean Bag using the infant safety strap.  Immediately she looked around.  She wasn’t sitting upright, but she also wasn’t laying flat, and she could see what was going on around her in the room.  She seemed to be impressed – if an infant CAN be impressed!!!!

It was easy to get baby in and out of the Bean Bag, and I felt comfortable leaving her in it while she napped also.  Usually, after a feed, Little Miss needs to be held for quite some time, due to reflux.  I have been able to put her in the Bean Bag after burping without too much fuss, and she seems content and not struggling with pain as if I had laid her straight down.  I’m not saying it’s cured her reflux, but it’s definitely helped when I have things to do!

The designs on the Bean Bag are adorable, and can cater to Boy, Girl or Unisex.

Miss 7 yr Old didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so when Little Miss wasn’t using it, she would plonk herself down in the Bean Bag and read a book or watch a DVD.  For the bigger kids, you can use the top without the infant safety harness, and fill the bag up with more beans, to make it slightly more solid.  It’s definitely versatile and I can see this getting great usage in our house for a long time to come!