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Wisdom for Dad by Hugh Weber is an easy to read book filled with advice for Dads by Dads who have tweeted to the @dudetodad twitter account.

There are four sections to the book and some of the advice may be written in a funny way, yet is quite powerful and profound.

Written for new dads by new dads – pretty much every topic is covered, even the ones you don’t want to talk about such as nappy changes and vomit. But they are things that happen to dads and so it’s best to discover from the experience of others.

Features and benefits

  • one tweet per page, this is easy to read
  • tweet authors are named unless they are from the @dudetodad himself
  • tips in 140 characters are easy to remember
  • humour and reality combine to offer very practical and valuable advice
  • nothing is too complicated as there are only 140 characters
  • four clear sections: wisdom, work, play and do good
  • the advice is clear and helpful

Reviewer’s experience

Some of the tweets are almost laugh out loud funny while others draw a cringe because they are so real. One of this reviewer’s favourites is: “A child is forced to operate in a world built for giants. Remembering this is a step toward understanding fear and insecurity”.

The book begins with some light-hearted tweets before getting into some of the more serious guidance which makes you think twice about the book and how you read it. It is well worth reading a couple of times because what you read once and giggle at will cause you to think really seriously on the second read through.