Mobile Med Kit 600x300Reviewer’s Rating:
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Its easy to see why leapfrog are such a leader in children’s toys, books, and games. With their great designs and products, they truly do try to create the best possible learning experiences for kids. Its no different when it comes to the MOBILE MED KIT. The kids will be playing singing and learning all day long.

Features and Benefits

  • 4 fun tools to choose from
  • Push button Siren
  • Volume control
  • No small parts
  • Teaching through fun

Reviewer’s Experience

Become a Paramedic, a Doctor, or better yet a patient with a sore toe or grazed knee and see your children rush into action using the Mobile med Kit to help their new patient get better.

Our children loved making the Syringe squeak as they pretended to give daddy his vaccination and listening for a heartbeat while wearing the Stethoscope!  Seeing our children using the Mobile med kit put a big smile on our faces.

Not only is it super fun to play along with as an injured patient, but its helping to prepare our children for real medical checkups and doctors appointments with a fun role-play game. They will be familiar with Stethoscopes, thermometers, and even vaccinations for the next time you need to make a trip to a real doctors office.

They can practice being an ambulance, a doctor , or race to the scene of a stubbed toe to help out.  The Med Kit also sings songs to teach little ones body parts with easy rhymes like “Heads shoulders knees and toes” and prompts the child on what they could do next to help their patient during a checkup.
For parents the volume control is super useful for when your ready for a break but the kids will want to keep going.  And the batteries are easy to replace if the kids do eventually wear them down.

All in all, another fantastic fun and educational product from leap frog that will help your child Play and Grow!