Turn Everyday Things into Dazzling BLING!
What Did We Review:   Bling It On!

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Bling It On! by Crown and Andrews is the ultimate gem crafting putty, turning everyday things into dazzling BLING things!

Features and Benefits:

  • No mess
  • Air dries
  • Sticks to most porous surfaces
  • Affordable
  • Wide range of colours

Reviewers Experience

Miss almost-8 loves to craft!

We were running out of things to decorate in our home, until Bling It On! gem crafting putty came along!

With a love of all things sparkly, the idea of creating sparkling, dazzling designs to spread around the home brought delight to her eyes.

Diving in hands first, I panicked thinking that there was going to be one heck of a clean-up afterwards, but, I was pleasantly surprised in the mess-free creation process – not that Miss almost-8 didn’t try!!!!!!!

Leaving the finished designs out to air dry required some patience, but not TOO much, and then they were ready for placement!  Prisms of light shone through the windows, every flat surface had a new ‘blingy’ item situated somewhere, and the house was awash with colour!

With an assortment of colours to choose from, not a single object in the house was safe from Miss’s decorating mojo!

Picture frames, lamps, doors, windows, jewellery boxes and my favourite book, nothing was left ‘un-blinged’. Everything was ‘blinging’ like crystals!

We can’t complain though, Bling It On! gem crafting putty has created hours of enjoyment and creativity for our creative souled child, and we will be recommending it to other like-minded families!