Tri-ominos -The Domino Game with a Three-Sided Twist!
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Tri-ominos ® adds a whole new dimension to dominoes, creating extra strategy, extra play, and extra fun!

On each turn players match a tile to one that’s already in play, earning bonus points for special moves like matching all three sides.

It’s a fast-moving game that’s easy to learn, and great for players of all ages!

Features and Benefits:

  • Quality playing pieces
  • Includes a resealable bag for easy storage
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Can be set up and packed away quickly

Reviewers Experience

Now in its 51st year, Tri-ominos® is one of those classic family games that has stood the test of time.

I have fond memories of playing the game with my grandparents, parents and siblings when I was little, so I was very excited to have an opportunity to now play it with my own children.

My children instantly loved the unique dark blue triangular box that stored the game.  Opening the box the game contains 56 quality triangular (Triominos) tiles stored in a resealable bag (very handy!), four large stands, and easy to read rules and instructions.

Tri-ominos® can be played with two to four people and is played by matching the numbers on the tiles selected by the player, with the tiles in the centre (tiles in play), and scoring points.  The first player to score 400 points is the winner.

The smooth tiles are large enough to be easily picked up and put down by both children and adults, great for developing fine motor skills. Each tile has a silver tack head in the centre, making it easy to separate and mix the tiles at the beginning of the game. The numbers on each tile are bold and easy to read.

The stands are a great size, are very sturdy, and leave plenty of room for the tiles to sit.

I loved how quickly I could set up the game for play, perfect for my little children who become distracted very quickly.

The game doesn’t have too many pieces making the game ideal to pack in the car for those weekend family trips away or holidays.

This game is so adaptable, open-ended, and great for any age group.  The game can be played in teams, with or without points, and can be made as simple or difficult to suit the players.  My children started to invent their own games using the tiles.

It is the perfect game to develop numeracy skills.  We practiced counting, adding, subtracting and multiplying the numbers on the tiles as we matched them with tiles in the centre.

I loved how Tri-ominos® encouraged communication, turn taking and teamwork between my children.  They each worked together to figure out the best spot to place each tile in the centre.

We loved playing Tri-ominos® together!  Tri-ominos® is great fun for any age group on those rainy days or when it is cold outside.  The perfect game to play together with friends, or on the next family game night!