traveling-with-grandparents-vacations-the-whole-family-will-enjoyPlanning, coordinating, and booking a holiday for your whole family can be a stressful thing.

Toss in the grandparents and you have a whole lot of devising to consider. The beauty is, it will be worth the wrath of planning when you see your loved ones all together having the times of their lives.

Moms and dads, kids, and grandparents means three generations of stories to speak about over the next family holiday dinner.

Let’s look at some things to consider when planning a vacation for the whole family.

Multiple Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are small, tend to be crowded, and there is oftentimes not even enough room for four to walk around seamlessly. Book two hotel rooms, preferably side by side, so that you can have the space you want and the rest you need. This will ensure that everyone is well-rested for the day’s adventures.

Varying Itineraries

We all know that being around the same people day in and day out can get a little much. Toss it up by having every other day apart and then recollect in the evening over a family dinner out. This will keep the conversation flowing, as both parties can converse about their exciting days.

Choose Activities That Suit Everyone

As we get older we tend to slow down a bit.

Activities that the kids find easy, may not always be the most ideal for the grandparents. On the days that you do spend together, choose activities that aren’t strenuous on either generation in order to enjoy maximum fun.

Capture Each Moment

Traveling with grandparents is an especially meaningful time. Make their golden years memorable and capture every moment that is shared together. Take pictures, film videos, seize and capture these unforgettable times.

Be clear on finances when traveling and have a set budget that you feel is safe to spend. There are ways to save money as well such as packing your lunch and having a picnic by the beach. Taking public transit is a fun and exciting way to save money on parking while sightseeing [source].

A family trip isn’t complete without the grandparents along for the journey. Their flexible, retired lifestyles mean they are available when you are and are more than ecstatic to be part of the family getaway. Remember: travel is measured in moments, not miles.

You can take a multi-generation trip near or far! You are bound to create some very special memories nonetheless.

Taking a vacation with grandparents doesn’t mean you have to fly across the globe. There are simple alternatives that still boast tons of family fun. If you aren’t up for an entire week trip, opt for a weekend getaway [source]. You can go:

  • Camping
  • To a theme park
  • Fishing trip
  • Rental a cottage/chalet up north
  • Hike the mountains

When planning, keep things realistic. You’ve earned the time off and deserve a fun getaway that won’t break the budget but will ensure everyone has a fun time. Remember to relax, you’re on vacation! Enjoy your time with your kids, your parents, and the scenery that you are amongst.