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Track Fitness In Comfort

Track Fitness In Comfort

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Where to Buy: Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology, a provider of personal technology accessories has launched a new collection of wearable accessories designed for health and fitness enthusiasts. This new collection features accessories to enhance a range of fitness trackers, which include the Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and Sony.

Features and Benefits

  • Sleep band is fully adjustable – Takes some tweaking if you have small wrists, but one loop comes away so the band will fit any from the smallest to a large wrist
  • Shoe pouch is just so handy

Reviewer’s Experience

The Griffin Technology bands are very well worthwhile.

All bands were easy to fit, although the sleep band for a small wrist needed some juggling to work out that an entire loop could be removed.

The Griffin bands have a good overlap section which should keep the fitness device secure regardless of how many times the bands are used.  The bands are comfortable and easy to wear. No instructions are needed as they are simple and seem to have one way to fit.

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