toys-that-will-help-enhance-your-kids-artistic-sideAll parents want that their children should be multi-talented; i.e. they should do well in studies and they also should have an artistic side. Can parents enhance the artistic side of their children through toys?

The good news is they can. Today so many toys are available that can help you in bringing out the creative quirk of your child and show you the signs of an artist in her/him!

There are artist’s tools, easels and musical toys for toddlers and children.

Musical Toys

Who doesn’t love music?

Everyone does. Children are especially appealed by music. Today beautiful music toys are available in various attractive colors.

There are toy trumpets, musical dolls that whistle or make some other fun sound when you blow air in them, jinglers that contain jingle bells and produce a nice music, and so on.

Xylophones, play pianos and music boxes are perhaps the best music toys that your children would love. Music boxes are particularly appealing for toddlers who love winding their handles and listening to the musical tunes thus produced.

Because of these musical toys, children learn to understand the various tunes produced with particular actions. They also learn the difference between the sounds produced by various instruments like xylophones, drums, guitars, pianos and other instruments.

Sketching and Painting

If your toddler loves to draw and paint, you should give her/him toys that will encourage this art.

You can bring her/him a kids art desk in which s/he can store everything needed for drawing and painting, including pencils, sketchbooks and paint books, crayons, erasers, brushes and so on.

You can get such a table for only one child or many children too, so that your child can draw or paint in the company of her/his siblings or friends.

Another fun toy is a play easel which too has storage spaces and one or many children can draw or paint. If the children are too young, give them easels with built in magnetic boards on which they can stick various figures, letters or whatever they want.


You can give moulding clay and dough to your child and see if s/he gets interested in creating various figures with it.

If s/he does, you can say that s/he is a budding sculptor! Of course, you should not pressurise the child for anything, not even for moulding the clay into something sensible. Chances are the child will be appealed more with the colors of the clay than to create something from it.

Don’t be disappointed. Just wait and watch. Whatever is the case, s/he is sure to enjoy playing with the clay. If you teach her/him gently creating figures like man, bird, table, flower etc, s/he may be fascinated and would love to check if s/he can do the same.

Tiny Storage Toys

Apart from learning the art or craft of their choice, your children should also learn how to store their art materials neatly in one place and for this purpose, you can bring them cases, boxes and travel kits.

These are also helpful in storing their art things in one place when your family is about to travel. When all the things are neatly in one place, children can start their activity right upon reaching the new place, without getting bored.

Take help of these toys for taking out the artist in your children and look at them proudly as budding artists!