Change is good and especially if it is a little remodelling in your home. Kitchen is one of the most integral parts of a house where we spend a lot of our time. Kitchen renovation is a more typical and interesting form of remodelling where you can choose new materials and colours to compliment or change your home decor and also add new vibes in your food area. Without wasting any more time further, let’s take a look at various kitchen benchtops in Melbourne.


  1. Wood– Wood has been an essential part of the kitchen furniture for centuries now, and this tradition is still followed in different countries of the world. Wooden benchtops have always been a popular option for many households because of their excellent shelf life and efficient usage. These benchtops are lightweight, easy to shape and easy to install. They are easily scratchable as well, but at the same time, they can be reshaped and resealed easily. Wooden benchtops are available in different patterns from which you choose one matching the decor of your kitchen.
  2. Stone- Stone benchtops are one of the most popular options for a kitchen benchtop because of their smooth surface, long life and beautiful designs and patterns available for installation. Granite and marble are the common options out of which you can choose for your kitchen. Stone tops are porous and require a great deal of porous to keep them from breaking or scratching. They are an expensive option, but because of their attractive appeal, they are one of the most opted for benchtops options.
  3. Polished Concrete- Concrete benchtops not only provide a solid base for working in the kitchen but they also come with a guarantee of long life. A new addition has been made a few years back in the family of concrete by the name of polished concrete. This material comes in various designs, patterns and colours and is an expensive benchtop to install. Polished concrete is a solid material which is quite flexible to mould as per need. They have become increasingly popular over the past few years and why won’t they be when they come with such immense qualities that add a whole new touch to the environment of your kitchen.
  4. Metal- One of the most versatile and durable benchtops of all times, metal or stainless steel is slowly becoming a trend in the kitchen industry. Metal benchtops are polished which gives them an unmatched shine and a unique industrialised look to your kitchen. These benchtops are available in different shapes and sizes and demand a fair amount of maintenance to keep them good as new for several years.
  5. Quartz- Also referred to as engineered stone, quartz is not a natural material and is made by mixing other stones. Quartz is a cheap alternative to concrete, granite and marble is the most popular benchtop used in various households. Quartz is available in many patterns and designs which are available at relatively lower prices. They give you the looks of a natural stone and are quite easy to maintain which makes them incredibly popular in the industry.


Benchtops add a whole new feel to the kitchen. They are considered as an important part of the kitchen decor which is why they must be selected carefully. Kitchen benchtops in Melbourne, for replacement purposes, are nothing less than an investment for future, and so it is important that prices of all the benchtops are first compared, and your requirement in the kitchen is kept under consideration before making the final call.

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