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Six years ago I bought a three-wheeler jogging pram, as that was what ‘everyone’ was buying and what was recommended. And, frankly, the experience left me feeling like I’d been ‘had ‘by a used car salesman. In fact even my husband said that buying a pram seemed to be as complicated as buying a car.

Twelve months later, after struggling to get it in and out of my Corolla and down shop aisles, my Mum bought me what I call my town pram – small and compact good for the shops/cafe and most importantly a breeze to get in and out of my car.

I thought I’d found the solution – one pram for walking (I will admit I was never was a huge jogger) and one pram for shopping. Wrong.

The Affinity does everything that my two prams used to do for me, without the hassle of making sure I have the correct pram in the car.

It is easy to get into the car, I can choose to take the seat off or leave it on depending on what else I have in the boot. And if I take the seat off it is a simple few second process to put it back on.

It folds up easily, no more fighting to get it flat enough that I can engage the catch to keep it folded up.

And as I am eight months pregnant with my fourth child, it is important that I am not lifting anything heavy or cumbersome – Affinity hits the spot again!

The wheel base is wide enough for me to feel secure that the pram isn’t going to tip over, while being narrow enough to be taken into cafes or into supermarkets without feeling like being in everyone’s way.

I love the way someone has thought to use magnets as the catch for the viewing window – no more ripping velcro to wake a sleeping child or fumbling with press studs.

I love the way you can personalise the pram by choosing the colour pack that appeals to you the most. And the way those colour inserts are easy to both remove and re-insert, making washing the inevitable spills and messes that babies and toddlers make a breeze.

The five-point harness is also easy enough to put on that my six and four-year- olds can buckle my toddler in, but secure enough that none of them can undo it.

While talking about the harness, someone has obviously thought about keeping a baby in the pram securely. The harness’s waist straps are anchored 5cms apart in the centre of the seat meaning that the waist straps encircle the child’s waist and reduce their ability to slip sideways and possibly out of the pram.

Another thing I love is that the Affinity is tall enough for me. It wasn’t something I noticed immediately and not something that people warn you about like they warn you about the height of your change table hurting your back, but after a couple of hours pushing my town pram around I always had a sore back from slouching down to hold onto the handle.

This doesn’t happen with the Affinity as it is that bit taller and with the adjustable handle it would suit a person either taller or shorter than my 176cm frame.

Lastly the reversible seat. I will admit that I dismissed the value of having my child being able to look at me, I thought it was a gimmick that the ‘used car salesman’ pram seller used to get you to spend more money.

That was until I actually tried it. My darling toddler did not like to sleep in prams, he didn’t seem to settle.

A week after I got the Affinity I had an appointment during his morning nap and I was predicting a stressful hour of toddler tantrums.

Instead I arrived half an hour early, turned the seat so it was facing me and took him for a walk till he fell asleep thinking it would buy maybe 40 minutes of peace – an hour and a half later he was still asleep as I put him into the car he was so comfortable and secure.

I know that my two other prams will be going to the second hand stall at the school fete.  I definitely don’t need them while I have the Affinity.