Flutterbye Flying Tinker BellReviewer’s Rating:
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Tinkerbell, the most famous fairy of all time has flown into the enchanted land of Flutterbye Flying Fairies.

Like her other Flutterbye Flying Fairy friends, Magically Flying Tink flies gracefully, gliding through the air guided by the palm of your hand.

Featuring clever technology, Flutterbye Magically Flying Tink will spin through the air for five minutes from each 30 minute charge. Launch her from her charging station or from your hand.

“TinkerBell really does fly for real life Mummy!” are the words that flew out of our little Miss as we took our Tinkerbell Flutterby for its very first spin!

Tinkerbell comes to life as a flutterby and flys around the room and the little ones we had around loved pretending they were in the enchanted forest at the pixie dust tree with tink.

Easy to use  all the little friends were able to make Tink fly by themselves and the only disappointment was when she ran out of battery and it came to charging time.

Tink and the other Disney fairies are a beautiful addition to any fairy lover’s collection.