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Where to Buy: Solidteknics

Fonte ‘Tough Love’ Australian-made cast iron professional pans – 24cm gem!

Solidteknics has added a new dimension to the frying pan / skillet – in one go they have improved a favourite piece of cookware.   This quality cast iron delivers a non-stick surface achieved using cooking oils – no nasty chemicals or additives.  Not just beautiful, it functions brilliantly and of course, you’ll pass it down to future generations because treated well it will outlast us.

Features and Benefits

  • Clever design – Balance.  And doesn’t send all the heat to the handle
  • Size – fits inside a standard oven easily
  • Cast Iron – use on a flame or a hotplate,  in the oven, on or in a bbq; over a campfire if you want
  • Cast Iron – less energy required
  • Cast Iron – easy to clean
  • Cast Iron – Non Stick

Reviewer’s Experience

Having used cast iron pans, pots and cookers before I was already aware of how good cooking with cast iron is.  What a surprise to discover that something which has been around seemingly for ever can actually be improved.

When I got my new Fonte Cast Iron Deep 24cm Sauteuse Pan I was a little blasé – it was just another pan.  Well, No!  It’s not ‘just another pan’.  Not at all!  This reaches new heights in delivering quality cookware.

Solidteknics is an Australian business which specialises in making good things even better.

What’s so good about cooking with cast iron?  For starters it requires less energy to deliver the finished item.  And it doesn’t matter what you cook – it just does it better.   The pan comes pre-cured, so you can start using it immediately.

Cleaning is simple and easy – just a light wash and wipe and you’re done.

The handle is large enough to make manoeuvring the pan a painless exercise – yes, cast iron is heavier than aluminium and this handle means you can move the pan about easily AND with minimal heat transferred through it.

No prizes for guessing where our future new cookware items are coming from.