Untitled design (33)Create Your Own Book Kit
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Where to buy: Lemon Tree Book Company

These books are seriously cool, easy to do and were the star at show and tell with Miss 6 as she made her own books from the Lemon Tree Book Company.

Simple and easy to create, all you need is a printer the web, a stapler and you are done!!

When you open your pack you will find a glossy illustrated book cover and three double-sided pages with illustrations, plus a sheet of stickers.

Miss 6 and I sat down and discussed who she would like to appear in her story with her until we got our shortlist of 2 names plus her own.

Miss 6 coloured while Mummy went to the web to generate and print her pages, which was all done in a matter of minutes.

We popped our pages into the book and 30 minutes later was reading a story all about Miss 6 and her Private Detective adventures.

Miss 6 took her book The Private Detective to school with her the next day for show and tell and read out her story with her and her friends. It was a hit, she is already asking when she can do the next one!