The JitterbugsThe Jitterbugs Green & Groovy Educational Children’s show brings the garden and its magical world of bugs to the stage for families of all ages.

The Jitterbugs, with their intimate relationship with the Earth, share culture and wisdom of the plants and animals, offering a new way of living that is bright and colorful for our future generations.  They sing and dance with original recorded music and with live instruments (djembe, guitar, keyboard, flutes and harmonica).

The Jitterbugs also share seeds and plants for the children to take home and plant.

Performing in sensational costumes are Frankie the Spider, Jessie the Gorgeous Butterfly, Mrs Hug Bug the Sensational Lady Bug & B.B the Boogying Bumble Bee.

Spend 5 Minutes With The Jitterbugs and learn more about them!

Who is The Jitterbugs family made up of? 

My husband Gabe who is our Production Manager, Jessica 25yrs who is amazing & now is the main host of the show as she has been a butterfly since she was 5years old, plays the role of Jessie the gorgeous butterfly. Jackson 22yrs is Frankie the Spider, Brielle 15yrs Feebee the boogying bumble bee and me Hug Bug the sensational ladybug. It’s a family business!

What is a typical day with your family like? 

Our family is very creative. A typical day would be Jessica working on her art, playing drums and taking her dog Tippy to the lagoon or beach for a walk. Jackson has a passion for his garden and herbs and is very involved in his organic garden as well as writing songs and playing guitar. Brielle often spends her time with her friends at the beach and playing guitar. Me as a mum always marketing and promoting The Jitterbug shows as much as I can in between trying to run a busy household, trying to get the kids to help, looking after the children’s needs and also caring for my mum with Aspergers and Dementia which is very difficult. My husband also has his own business and helps with the household as much as he can.

 Who is one person in your life you are thankful for and why? 

I am thankful for all of my children for playing the main part in my life and contributing to my passion which I know one day is going to be a huge success. It always has been an educational show but is turning into something amazing with the organic views, skills and contributions of my children. Jackson is writing amazing songs on Composting with worms and Free Energy etc which we have just used during our Christmas run of shows and the lyrics are amazing, Everyone loves them. He is also going to start Uni this year to concentrate on Herbal Medicine. He is a very giving person and finds joy in healing people with herbs and building community gardens for everyone. Jessica is working on new scripts and also new songs and apart from her amazing drumming skills which she also teaches disabled kids and adults drumming and djembe at the Rhythm Hut, she is working on playing the keyboard. Brielle plays guitar and is passionate about animal welfare so has decided to become vegan. She has taken a special interest in marine life especially cetaceans and is dedicated to the involvement in volunteering for organisations that assist in the rescue and protection whales, dolphins and seals. Then there is my husband, my foundation, who is the one person I am entirely thankful for. He has been supporting me for over 18 years with my passion. If it wasn’t for him we would not be where we are today!

Where do you live and if we were to visit you what would you show us? 

We live at Macmasters Beach on the Central Coast. It would be a pleasure to show you our property which is paradise. Our gardens are filled with massive pumpkins, herbs and vegetables. You can meet our gorgeous dogs, cat and chickens and roosters.

What is your greatest talent or ability? 

Our greatest talent is entertaining children with our interactive ability so much that they absolutely love us at the end of our show and some even cry that the show is over…the parents always praise us and I know that after 18years we must be doing something right. It is a pleasure to teach the younger generations and their parents about the importance of taking care of the natural world and our Earth.

If you had the attention of the world for just 10 seconds, what would you say? 

Find happiness within yourself and treat all living beings as equal.

If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

I would choose the superpower to heal people and animals.

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