There is a function behind dysfunction!

Those unhelpful, repetitive behaviours that can hold you back from reaching your full potential, that’s dysfunction.

Dysfunction feels uncontrollable and uncomfortable and it’s really annoying!

If you are living with dysfunction, you are not alone.  If you look around, most of the people you see live with dysfunction.

For me, dysfunction looked like anxiety, overwhelm, over eating and sugar addiction. For some, it can be working too much, or not being able to switch off from work.  It could be phone addiction, over spending or drinking too much alcohol.

Dysfunction is the behaviour we take on, so we don’t have to face our stuff.

“Each day I have the opportunity to face my stuff or stuff my face!”

Facing our stuff is uncomfortable, and by stuff, I mean emotions.

Most of us haven’t been taught how to express ourselves or even to know what we are feeling. In society children are taught to stop crying and are told that what they are feeling is “silly”.

The result of that is a large portion of society not knowing how to deal with feelings and using technology, shopping, food and alcohol as a way of coping and distraction from dealing with it.

So, what is the function behind dysfunction?

Dysfunction is like an emergency vehicle screaming down the freeway, alerting you to the fact that something needs your attention.

Alert, alert…You must eat chocolate now, you must feed the dysfunction now, because if you don’t, people will find out that you are not really that good at your job.  Be distracted now by your dysfunction so you can feel better about yourself for not… actually, what is the point of the dysfunction?  The dysfunction thinks it is making something about you better, but really, it’s not.  It is distracting you from being YOU.

You in all of your gloriousness, you in all of your power, you in all of your connected, deep knowing.

Dysfunction is not to be taken too seriously. Dysfunction lives in our heads as thoughts and it thrives on attention.  You are either aligning with your dysfunction or you are aligning with your function! You are either identifying with that dysfunction or you are identifying with your function, the real YOU.

Connection with your Inner Self (which simply means focusing internally, in your body instead of being attached to the thoughts in your head all of the time) will over ride dysfunction.

This takes practice, commitment and persistence. Until the new pathways in the brain have been over ridden by connection type thoughts instead of dysfunction type thoughts.