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Divorce NavigatorRichelle Hampton has used her own experiences to write this book and also to build a business based on providing practical advice and support to those going through the end of a relationship. It is a much needed practical guide – when you are going through such emotional upheaval, you need a simple to follow process otherwise the whole event can be overwhelming and distressing.

Whilst no-one plans to get divorced, this book provided easy to follow lists, questions, templates and information about navigating the emotional and practical side of a divorce. It is about arming yourself with the right knowledge and understanding that there are significant challenges in process as well as emotional aspects.

Follow these guides and take the pressure off yourself and avoid adding to the already painful process that is often the ending of a relationship.

Features and benefits

  • lists the questions you must ask your lawyer
  • provides templates and tools for budgeting, record keeping and managing finances
  • outlines tips for keeping children out of the firing line, and for understanding their needs
  • an easy to read style that proves Richelle does understand without her lecturing the reader
  • equally applicable to either party in the relationship
  • potentially a valuable resource if you think a relationship is in trouble to use the frameworks to clarify the situation
  • factual and not emotional overview of steps and stages
  • logical flow of content that is presented in clear and simple to use structure


Reviewer experience

In some ways it felt odd to be adding this book while in a solid and happy relationship. Yet there are some great budgeting templates and tools, as well as a guide that I will be sure to recommend to anyone I know going through a separation and/or divorce. Richelle has presented the tips in a way that it could also be helpful to manage a strong relationship – by choosing to avoid some of these emotional minefields and setting the right kind of frameworks in place early.

Pretty much everything that you might need to know in a relationship dissolution is covered: different court processes, mediation vs lawyers, managing finances and children’s emotions, tips to avoid common pitfalls, support and information that is available.

As we approach the Christmas period, a time of tension and conflict in many families and relationships, the common sense approach of this book may be able to provide a shining light of hope and stability amongst the emotional roller coaster that some relationships are.

This book gives valuable insights to negotiating and establishing appropriate frameworks around the often tricky areas of finance and time with loved ones.

Chapter 2 in particular has a number of golden tips to manage the emotional journey of a relationship under pressure – if you buy and read this book before you decide to divorce, you may well find some tips in here that let you regain that equilibrium, or to be more well informed when you decide just what it is that you need to do.

Recommended read – just not as a gift! lol


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