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Developing a good sleep routine and ensuring quality sleep for your baby can be quite a challenge! The Swaddle Up from Love to Dream is the answer. The Swaddle Up is a baby swaddle wrap specifically designed to help settle and promote both quality and quantity amounts of sleep. Made from cotton (93%) and elastane (7%) to promote breathability, this is a swaddle with unique features of wings to allow your baby to sleep in a more natural position with their arms up and legs splayed. The practicality does not stop there as the Swaddle Up also features a zip, reducing the possibility of any unravelling compared to a conventional wrap. Further adding to the functionality the zip is 2 way which means that nappy changes or moving your baby from a crib or cot to a pram is done with ease and less chance of waking your sleeping baby.

Features and Benefits

  •  Patented design with wing features – allows arms up sleeping position and encourages self soothing
  • Snug fit – calms the startle reflex
  • Cotton and Elastane fabric – provides breathability; reduces potential of overheating
  • Zip – secures fit that can not unravel while sleeping
  • Zip is Two Way – makes nappy change or moving baby from bed to pram a breeze
  • Hands in wings – easier feeding and protects the face from nasty scratches

Reviewer’s Experience

Like many new parents, we found both getting our baby girl ready for bed and then actually to sleep no easy task.

We tried conventional wraps but found them difficult as she was an incessant wriggler.  She always managed to get one or both arms free. Our baby girls regular attempts at wriggling herself free meant that she would constantly wake herself during nap times due to the waving about of her arms.

Thankfully, we were given a Swaddle Up as a present which turned into being a godsend. The snug fit meant that she was held firmly helping her get to sleep initially, not to forget the more suitable arms up wings which meant no more struggling to wrap arms down and she was able to self soothe during the night if needed. The zip feature secured the swaddle firmly in place so that there would be no chance of unravelling as she sleeps.

The unique addition of the Layer On Merino is the solution for those cooler nights. The Layer On Merino goes over the top of the Swaddle Up, without the need for putting anything over your babies head and zips up diagonally to secure it in place. The snug fit ensures added warmth without the bulk and concern of blankets being kicked off during the night. The clever design of having cut outs where the Swaddle Up wings are provides added breathability and assists in preventing overheating. The Swaddle Up and Layer On Merino are the ideal sleep system aimed at encouraging a sound baby sleep routine.

It is reassuring to know that I can put my little girl down to sleep and know that I’ve got peace of mind that her swaddle is secure all night through and she is getting better quality sleep. Thanks Swaddle Up!