Untitled design (10)One of the favourite Australian lunch options is a good old sanga. I think as it is such a quick and easy way to have lunch, especially when you want to bring your lunch from home. Making a sandwich both interesting and healthy is important, especially if you have them often. Bread only has around 1g of fat a slice, it is what you put inbetween that can be the problem. What I also notice is that people can get really bored with the same old fillings so here are some tips for making healthy sandwiches:

1. Multigrain or wholemeal breads are the best choice as they have a lower Glycemic Index. For variety occasionally have focaccia, pita, Lebanese, panini or Turkish breads.

2. Instead of spreading butter or margarine on bread, use avocado. Even though avocado is high in fat, it is low in saturated fat making it a healthy option as long as eaten in moderate amounts.

3. Avoid high salt, high fat deli meats. Instead bake chicken and remove the skin or use left over roast meat.

4. Canned pink salmon is terrific on a sandwich (lower in fat than red salmon). Tuna in brine or in spring water is better for you than in oil.

5. Instead of high fat cheese choose the low-fat options such as Bega Super Slim slices.

6. If you want an egg sandwich then add low-fat mayonnaise or skim milk to mash it up. Curried egg is nice for a change by adding a little curry powder to the mix.

7. A vegemite sandwich won’t fill you up for very long so to avoid the afternoon munchies, pack your sandwich high with guilt-free salad ingredients. This will help you feel more satisfied and less hungry.

8. Use only low-fat mayonaises and spreads. I love spreading a little low-fat hommus on my sandwiches for something different or adding some low-fat sun-dried tomatoes can give such a nice flavour to your sanga.

9. For some jaffle ideas that you may not have thought to do, crack an egg in the centre of the bread and toast it. I love creamed corn or for something super easy canned spaghetti or baked beans. Even stewed fruit or pie apple is nice as a jaffle for something sweet.

10. Finally what about a low-fat Caesar sandwich? Use short cut bacon, a boiled egg, sprinkle a little parmesan cheese over lettuce and use a low-fat Caesar dressing. Instead of croutons put the filling between toast bread, YUM!