Making the move from high school to university can be a really interesting time in your life. Where once you had to attend a certain class at a certain time, now the choice as to whether to attend classes is entirely up to you.

University is a time when you grow as a person, and there is a lot of emphases placed on autonomy, and on making the right choices for you. Another thing that is different is that when you start university you will change your routine.

Often people move from home for the first time into university college, or you might move into a share house and start fending for yourself. During this time of upheaval, you need to keep a level head and to make lists of what you need so that when the first day of term rolls around you aren’t scrambling to buy textbooks and trying to print your class schedule.

We have brought together a list of seven of the educational essentials that you need to make sure that you don’t just survive university – you thrive.


While some people try to get by just hiring their textbooks from the library the fact remains that if you want to do well in university you absolutely have to do the readings assigned to you. A key part of what is being taught in your subjects will be taken from the textbook, and if you’re not prepared with the right texts you risk falling behind or worse, failing.

Make sure you have bought the essential textbooks in time for the first classes and then, once you’re done with them for that semester you can re-sell the textbooks onto others.


While it’s not essential to have a laptop to attend university a quick scan around any of the classes will show you that it may as well be essential with the numbers of students who take notes using a computer. A good laptop is the fastest way to capture information and to be able to work on your assignments and subjects from anywhere.

Make sure you get a computer that’s powerful enough to be able to handle whatever your subject load is. There’s nothing worse than a frustratingly slow computer, after all!

Plenty of sleep

While not something you can buy, per se (much as we wish we could) an unmissable university essential is sleep. Without plenty of sleep, you’ll be hard-pressed to be able to engage with the rest of your stimulus and you’ll find it harder to study.

A study group

It’s not easy to keep up with all of the material you have to learn on your own – so we advise getting a study group together in your first year and sticking with these pals. They’ll keep you motivated when exams roll around and will make library study sessions that much more enjoyable.


And we’re not just talking about lollies and chocolate here (although there’s definitely a place in the snacks rotation for chocolate). We mean healthy brain food that’s going to keep you thinking. Why not get blueberries, nuts and crispbreads with hummus when you’re pulling an all-nighter?


Get your weeks and months in order with a good diary to keep yourself organised? You should get a diary from your university when you sign up for classes, but just in case you miss out make sure you get your hands on a good diary that you can record your commitments in.

A backpack

Take the time to choose a good backpack for your university days. You want to make sure there’s plenty of room for your laptop and all of your textbooks, but also plenty of space for snacks and anything else you might need to lug around on and off campus.

Good luck with starting university – we hope you have the prosperous and long career in your chosen field. But first: uni!

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