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A Spooktacular Tween Halloween

A Spooktacular Tween Halloween

a-spooktacular-tween-halloweenHalloween is nearly here!

Girl Lane have put together a step-by-step guide of Halloween face painting ideas to follow.

Also included are some great tips on how to prepare skin before face painting, to ensure it’s a ‘fang-tastic’ time!

Prepping the hair and skin

  1. Prep the hair by brushing through with a hair detangler (which can be used on wet or dry hair) and pulling the hair back out of your daughters face.  Add some sparkle shine hair conditioning treatment for a special Halloween shimmer!
  2. Cleanse the face to naturally dissolve all impurities, leaving the skin soft, supple and super clean.  Use a gentle oil-based face wash, or if you’re on the go, cleanse with super handy cleansing wipes.
  3. Use a light cover of moisturiser as a primer to prevent the skin from drying from the face paints. You may like to use a tinted moisturiser for those smaller face paint design so your daughter feels natural and fresh for Halloween!
  4. Start with non-oil based paints and no cheap, acrylic paints as they are bad for the skin! You may also like to look for paints coloured by natural pigments from fruit, vegetables, and flowers to eliminate the risk of your child’s skin exposed to heavy metal contaminants and carcinogens.

Day of the Dead

  1. Start by outline the eyes in white with a brush and using a sponge to cover the face in white outside of the circles around the eyes
  2. Using a brush colour the eyes in turquoise, draw in pink a love heart in the middle of the forehead and colour in the lips. Add some glitter to the turquoise and pink heart!
  3. Outline the eyes in black to the nose and a spider web on the forehead
  4. Finish the costume with a suitable Day of the Dead hat!

Extra Hot Tips

DO:  Get longer lasting spooktacular looks by applying a moisture-locking hydration mist to the painted face.  This helps set the paint or make-up to ensure your Halloween face will outlast the spookiest party or trick-or-treat campaign!

DON’T: Go to bed without removing your face paint!  Keeping paint or make-up on is the equivalent to not washing your face for a month!!  Remove face paint with a gentle cleansing wipe (stretch out first to activate the cleansing properties) and use a gentle oil-based face wash to deeply cleanse and calm any redness.

DO:  Apply a night time moisturiser to regenerate skin whilst you sleep.

DON’T: Forget to treat the rest of your body with the same TLC if you are applying body paint for an extravagantly spooky look!  A gentle body wash and moisturising body lotion are essentials to keep the rest of your skin clean and hydrated on Halloween and every other day!

About The Author

Girl Lane

Deborah is a mother of three, and has been an Australian Pharmacist for 14 years and graduated with honours from The Victorian College of Pharmacy in 2000. During her pharmacy internship she received the award for trainee of the year. Deborah's pharmacy was also a finalist for pharmacy of the year where she received the highest individual award, the Montgomery Award, for outstanding leadership. Deborah specialises in providing complete healthcare solutions for families of all ages. Deborah has been involved in pharmaceutical formulary as a consultant for leading dermatologists in Melbourne. From this experience, she developed a special interest in skincare, which became targeted to children's skin when she became a mother. She has been formulating skin products for patients for over a decade and has decided to make a skincare range exclusively for girls to fill an obvious need in the community. Her formulations are designed to provide a range of nourishing and protective natural botanical ingredients, safely complemented by the best of science. Deborah represents a significant part of the unique selling proposition of the Girl Lane brand with expertise in dermatological pharmaceutical formulary.

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