What Did We Review:   Air The New Bassinet

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Where to buy:  Babyhome

Being a first time mum, I had no idea about Bassinets, cots, change tables or anything in that realm of purchases!

It wasn’t until trying a few different options that I realised just how different they all are – particularly bassinets!

Once you receive this beautiful eco designed product, you will never want to use another one again!

Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Won several eco awards.
  • Stable and sturdy, whilst still maintaining lightweight feel.
  • Durable.
  • Mesh ‘peep’ window to check on baby.
  • Change mat that easily zips into place.
  • Rigorous, practical and stylish.

Reviewers Experience

Wow! What a beautiful product!

It arrived at my place and this tiny, slim line  (light!) box and I thought, “Surely I’ve been sent the wrong item!”… however on opening I was pleasantly surprised to see this lovely folded bassinet that just slid right out of the box.

The instructions on how to assemble could have been followed by an early reader, it was that simple.

Measuring less than a metre long, it was easy to find a home for this baby! It was lovely to note just how light weight it is, without jeopardising the structural integrity.

I love being able to have the side ‘peep pocket’ open, so that you can keep an eye on bubs, without waking him up  or alerting him to mummy’s prying eyes!

The change mat is a wonderful addition that saves me moving from one place to another and it even has pockets in the side, to store the essentials.

No wonder this product has won so many awards!