Six Ways To Get Your Kids To Brush Their BestConsistent and proper oral hygiene is crucial to establish early on in kids.

Not only does it affect your dental bills and their overall health, it sets a routine for a healthy smile for the rest of their life!

It can be difficult to get kids excited about brushing and flossing, but it doesn’t have to be. Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes in the morning and before bed, and it can be more fun for the whole family if you try these tips:

Be a good example

Children look up to their moms and dads and like to copy their behavior.

If you get excited to brush and floss, your kids will be too. Make your oral care routine a fun family event and your little ones will benefit twofold: by having a healthy mouth and spending quality time with you.

Make it a party

Create a fun playlist of your children’s favorite songs or music videos and play one each time they brush and floss.

Mix up the songs/videos daily to keep the brushing routine interesting and fun for your kids. Make sure to motivate them to brush for the entire length of the song or video.

Take a video

Kids love to watch themselves being goofy.

Filming your children brushing their teeth is an easy way to ensure they are making the 2 minute mark and reminds them that brushing equals a beautiful smile.

Have a little friendly competition

Have a “battle of the brushes and floss-off” each night or once a week as a family.

Whether between siblings or with parents, having a silly brushing competition is a great way to get everyone involved in the excitement and encourage all to brush and floss to their best ability.

Maybe even think of some (non-candy) prizes to gift to the family member who is most enthusiastic during the brushing games each week.

Compliments and praise

By flattering your kids after they brush, you’re encouraging them to continue their healthy habits, smile more, and boosting their confidence.

Complimenting their oral care routine will attach happy feelings to it, and they will enjoy it more and more each time.

Have a reward system

If your children brush for a full two minutes morning and night, and also floss regularly – allow them to have a special reward, such as watching a favorite video or extra time doing an activity they like.