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Let’s go shopping! Shopkins™ are the super cute, small characters that live in a BIG shopping world! There’s hundreds of Shopkins™ to collect from all sorts of fun themes! So grab your shopping cart and start – because once you shop, you can’t stop! Collect them all and build your Shopkins™ world!

Features and Benefits:

  • So so cute
  • An affordable price point
  • Great sturdy accessories

Reviewers Experience

Ok we will admit it we are late takers to the Shopkins craze and mainly because this Mummy did not want “another” collection in the house BUT we are in boots and all now.

Miss 6’s reaction to her Shopkins gifts said it all WOW Mummy I finally have Shopkins and both she and I have been discovering how cool they are ever since.

Moose Toys have got it right with Shopkins with sturdy collector cases and a price point that makes Shopkins so easy to collect for Miss 6 with her pocket money. And this is one collection that is seeming to stay in one place.

There is more than “just” cute little toys to Shopkins there is an app and education too, through a great series of videos and games that teach kids the values of caring and sharing. Miss C is also understanding more about her food since Shopkins were introduced to the house which impresses me too.

We are now fully committed to the Shopkins Craze and are committed to catching up before Season Five launches later this year.