Brother NS-30Reviewer’s Rating:
Where to Buy: Instore and Online


This Brother NS-30 is all about functionality.  It looks good, it’s fresh and it’s simple with everything there right in front of you.  Fingertip control of the electronic jog dial gives a choice of 70 stitch patterns with 7 buttonholes.

Features and Benefits:

  1. LCD Display – Monochrome LCD makes getting it right, simple
  2. Stitch Select – on a Jog dial for simplicity
  3. Choice of Stitch – 70
  4. Warranty – 12 months

Reviewers Experience:

Sewing has always been a passion.  I remember first learning about sewing from my grandmother as she worked away on her ‘pedal’ powered machine.  Not many choices on that.

My new Brother NS-30 is a sophisticated number.  Choice of stitch and it doesn’t just do a button hole – it’s got seven to choose from.  I can see at a glance that I have chosen what I actually want via the LCD display rather than have to undo and try again from half way through.

This machine is quiet and seems to know what I want to do next it’s just so easy to use.  And the easy buttonhole is just a dream to use.  The manual also includes some helpful tips and how to’s.  It’s just a real dream, intuitive and easy to use – thanks Brother.