One of the best things about Melbourne is that the city (and it’s surrounding suburbs) offer a little something for everyone. Every neighborhood has something unique to offer, resulting in a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes, activities, and even bike trails to suit any taste.

Cycling is a great way to experience the many differing landscapes Melbourne has to offer. You can see the sites, stop at a cafe or local produce market and enjoy the outdoors. Melbourne’s various bike trails can provide you a leisurely afternoon excursion or a challenging morning workout.

All you have to do is visit your local bike shop to get fitted out with the right equipment and you’ll be on your way to an adventure on one of Melbourne’s beautiful bike trails!

Capital City Trail

If you’re looking to get a good overview of the Melbourne sites, the Capital City Trail would be a great way for you to see the city. The 30km trail ticks most of the boxes on any tour map.

The circuit takes you by Flinders Street Station, the Melbourne Zoo, Abbotsford Convent and the Royal Botanic Gardens, just to name a few. The fact that the trail is a big loop around the city makes it easy to stop along the way to take in a specific site of interest or to stop for food and coffee.

This trail is made even easier for visitors as you can pick up a share bike from various locations throughout the CBD.

Bay Trail

If coastal views are your thing than the Bay Trail won’t disappoint.

This trail stretches along the coast from St Kilda and stretching along the coast of Port Phillip Bay. There is a short and long distance option for this trail. You can either bike a leisurely 6 km to Brighton or take a more extensive ride 12 km to Half Moon Bay. The views just go on and on!

You can also take in a few of Melbourne’s coastal sites on this trail from St Kilda’s Luna Park to Brighton’s bathing boxes.

Rail Trails

There are a number of unused railway lines that have been converted into pathways for cycling or walking. A number of these trails are located in the Melbourne area and provide a historic twist to your bike ride.

Bass Coast Trail

The Bass Coast Trail is about 90 minutes outside of Melbourne in the Gippsland region. This rail trail stretches 16 km and offers both hills and coastal views.

While biking this trail, you will see historical coal mining country and the Kilcunda Bridge.

Lilydale to Warburton Trail

The Lilydale to Warburton Trail is one of the more challenging bike trails in the Melbourne area, but it’s well worth it. The trail winds through the hills of the Yarra Valley which makes for some beautiful views and tasty stops along the way. However, the trail stretches for 38km so you will definitely get a workout as well.

Around the Bay

For those looking for the ultimate Melbourne cycling experience, the Around the Bay in a day course stretches a 210 km circuit all the way around Port Phillip Bay. The course begins in Melbourne, goes around Mornington Peninsula to Sorrento, hops the ferry to Queenscliff and then heads back into the city.

As with most things in Melbourne, there are clearly a variety of bike trails that can appeal to any rider. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or an invigorating workout, get out there and see what Melbourne has to offer!

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