Birtax SCITReviewers Rating 

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Britax keep doing it. The Safe –n-Sound Platinum SICT convertible car seat is another great example of their innovation in producing quality equipment for our little ones.

This car seat looks safe, feels safe, is easy to fit, suits rear facing and forward facing and has attention to detail ‘written’ all over it.

Features and Benefits

  • Suits up to 4 years old (approx.)
  • Rear facing for baby – birth to 12 months (approx.)
  • Forward facing for up to 4 years (approx.)
  • Converts from baby seat to suit toddler
  • 5 point harness with easy buckle system
  • Harness holder – keeps it neat
  • Shoulder pads on the harness – keep it comfortable
  • Easily adjustable harness
  • SICT – provides head and torso protection


Reviewers Experience

The Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT is covered in safety gear. They have produced what looks like the best head and torso protection available in a car seat, thanks to the Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT). We found the seat really easy to fit and to change from rear facing to forward facing.

All the ‘little’ bits work just like they should. The Ezy-Buckle system keeps the buckle facing the right way making getting back into the seat a breeze. Adjusting the shoulder straps is also simple and easy. It’s comfortable. It’s just right.

What I found out about SICT:

The first SICT layer provides 180-degrees of protection around your child’s head, while the second layer on the exterior of the seat provides torso protection which absorbs immediate side impact crash energy by approximately 5% more than the previous Platinum AHR Air Cushion model. The added protection of torso SICT minimises the energy felt on your child’s chest during a side impact crash by 25%.

The Platinum SICT also features the Active Head Restraint (AHR) Easy Adjust lever, with deeper side wings to shield your child’s head and easily adjust as they grow. Simply pull up on the Easy Adjust lever to raise the headrest to the correct height and the shoulder straps automatically reposition, eliminating the need to rethread the harness, which reduces the risk of incorrect installation and harness fitment as your child grows.

In addition, the Platinum SICT seated height is 30mm higher than the previous model (from 405mm to 435mm), so your child can use the seat for longer.

SICT is designed to improve the chance of surviving a crash, by minimising crash forces felt by the occupant. Modern vehicle manufacturers have worked hard to minimise occupant injury by introducing crumple zones and airbags which reduce the impact force exerted on the occupant. In a frontal crash the car has substantial amount of crumple zone distance but in a side impact crash there is minimal distance to absorb the crash energy. In response to this, Britax Safe-n-Sound has developed the Active Head Restraint (AHR) with Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT).

These two features are designed to work together to contain the head and to minimise impact forces that may be delivered to the child’s head.

For me they have done a great job in developing what I think is the best car seat available. My little one agrees with me.