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Safe and Sound, Comfort & Style – For Even the Littlest of People!

Safe and Sound, Comfort & Style – For Even the Littlest of People!

Safe-n-Sound Platinum Pro SictBritax Safe-n-Sound Platinum PRO SICT Convertible Car Seat
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Britax’s most sophisticated car seat, ever!

The Safe-n-Sound Platinum PRO SICT has Isofix technology, one of the first in the country!

Providing extended rear facing, revolutionary dual layer head and torso Side Impact Cushion Technology, and bamboo fabric, your baby/child will travel in style AND comfort!

Features and Benefits

• Extended rear facing – up to 2-3 years
• Seat stays cool, even in the extreme Australian weather
• 4 recline positions when forward facing
• Rearward facing keeps baby in a perfect reclined position
• Easy to install with either the lap/sash seatbelt or Isofix harness
• Adjustable Head Restraint makes it easy to adjust the straps to fit baby perfectly, WITHOUT having to take the car seat out of the car
• Toy attachment for the older baby/child
• FULL LENGTH car seat protector
• Extra shock absorbing protection for baby’s head and torso
• Infant insert, perfect for those tinier babies

Reviewers Experience

My little one is 8 months old, and still rear facing, so the idea of being able to maintain this safe position for the next year or more is fantastic!

Even though she is bigger, she is still in a supported, comfortable recline position which allows her a safe sleeping position, or a happy viewing position when awake and playing with her toys. She can reach her toys easily with the toy hook, which does cope with some pretty forceful yanking!

I was concerned about the dark coloured fabric, but with the Thermo5 bamboo fabric, she hasn’t broken a sweat, even in the extreme heat we have experienced lately. She has managed to keep cool and comfortable.

Adjusting the straps each time I place her into the car is made all the more easy and failsafe with the active head restraint, which means I can continue to adjust her shoulder straps as she grows, without having to remove the car seat from the car! This is a first for me!

The installation of the car seat was a lot easier than expected, and even using the lap/sash seatbelt, it was done in about 7 minutes, with very easy to follow instructions and even my husband can do it without getting his hand stuck. Let’s face it, we all know how hard installing a car seat can be!!!

The Isofix harness made it easier to swap between our two cars – one of which has Isofix anchorages, and one doesn’t – and the least frustration a parent can experience when having to do this, the better!

As you can imagine, an 8 month old can create quite a mess when eating and drinking in the car – and I’ll be honest, she is a bit of a grot!!!! The FULL LENGTH car seat protector mat is AMAZING! It goes all the way up the back of the car seat, and all the way across the bottom, with a storage pocket underneath. There is a flap that tucks in between the seat and the back, securing it in place so that it doesn’t slip and slide.

Safe-n-Sound has always been my go-to for Car Seats for my children. I’ve been using them for 19 years now, but they just keep getting better and better! I would choose, nor would I recommend any other brand for car seat safety for your baby, toddler and child.

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  1. Britax Babyseats have been available for over 40 years. I know a Police Officer who was sent to a fatal car accident. The car was a write-off. The baby was sound asleep in the correctly fitted babycarseat. Both the driver and front seat passenger were deceased. The Police Officer told us his heart “went up in his mouth” when he spotted the babyseat. They immediately radioed for an Ambulance. As he and his fellow officer could smell petrol fumes they very carefully lifted out the babyseat with the baby asleep in it as they didn’t know if the baby had sustained any injuries. Shortly after that the baby woke and looked around as if to say “what is all the fuss about?” The car door next to the baby was badly damaged so they had to manouvre the baby out via the other door. The baby was taken to hospital, given extensive tests and Xrays, found to be in perfect health, and released into the care of relatives.


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