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Australia’s favourite coconut water Natural Raw C introduce never-before-seen energy and protein varieties.

Popular coconut water brand Natural Raw C is making waves with two all new delectable products hitting Woolworths and independent retailer shelves this month.

Drawing on its passion for “straight-from-the-tree” goodness, Natural Raw C has paired its classic, no-added sugar coconut water with all-natural energy and protein boosters, creating a new pre and post workout drink for its tribe of “rawsters”.

Features and Benefits

    • Fresh tasting
    • Multiple flavours
    • BPA free packaging
    • Resealable container
    • Versatile

Reviewers Experience

It’s that time of year again when I usually make ridiculous resolutions. Well this year, I decided resolutions weren’t for me. Instead, I thought I would adopt a different approach. Keeping myself healthy would be much easier if I could find something that made me feel great and was good for me too. This is when I was introduced to the Raw C Pure Protein Coconut Water.

This stuff is great. Not only is it refreshing to drink on its own, but I found that while making my smoothies, instead of adding water, I now add the Raw C Coconut Water and it gives it an entirely new taste.

I loved that there were also 2 other flavours available. Having a real sweet tooth is not easy when you’re trying to be healthy but when one of the flavours is Protein & Cacao and it tastes deliciously sweet it’s not hard to keep me honest.

Now Mr H is usually one for healthy eating, but doesn’t take too kindly to my smoothies and shakes (or concoctions as he calls them), but after my latest attempt using the Coconut water, I do believe I have converted him. I also caught him sneaking a swig straight from the fridge!

After my first initial sample, I did a little research to find out if my new addiction was me kidding myself I was enjoying something healthy.  I went searching for ‘hidden additives and numbers’ that I didn’t know about. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the wording on the front of the packaging “100% Natural” and “That’s it. Nothing Else” was in fact TRUE! My research showed me that Natural Raw C is 100% Natural Coconut Water with no added sugar or sodium. Talk about a product that is honest.

My research showed me that Natural Raw C IS 100% Natural Coconut Water with no added sugar or sodium. Talk about a product that is honest.

What I also loved, when I visited the Raw C website, is that it gave me easy recipe ideas. I highly recommend the Coconut Frosty….delish. Now not only is Pete Evans face on the side of the packaging, but he also loved the product that much that he became part-owner!

Now if it’s good enough for Pete Evans it’s good enough for me!!!