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Having signed up for the Ultimate Experience which includes 5 jumps, go pro footage of your experience and a t-shirt it was going to be an intense two hours on a Saturday afternoon.

The meeting point is in the car park of Urban Central and there were a few nervous faces and a few excited faces of people who had been before.

The staff are friendly and professional – it must have been D day as Damien arrived by rap jumping down the wall, Duncan was waiting at the top as the group arrived and the owner Derek joined us a short while after.

Those people doing the Ultimate Experience were fitted with a personal go pro, which you can have moved into several different positions so you walk away with 5 different angles of your jumps –helmet mounted at your face, helmet mounted looking out, a chest mount, two spots on the wall to give a different perspective.

Harnesses, helmets and gloves are provided and are checked by staff before the group arrives and then before every single jump that you do.

It’s an odd feeling standing on top of a perfectly good wall ready to jump, and yet you feel the pull of the rope and know that you are safe and that you have complete control over how fast you descend – the lightest of hand pressure will slow your descent, and the brake man at the bottom of the wall can also pull the rope to halt your progress if needed.

At all times two staff have eyes on you and are coaching you on making a good and safe descent.

Lots of encouragement is provided by the staff and fellow rap jumpers.  For me?!  Just do it – It’s great!!