Tips for moving house with kidsMoving house is probably one of the most stressful situations that any homeowner can go through. With so many jobs to do in order to prepare for the move, it can be easy to overlook certain things which we would otherwise prioritise, like ensuring that our children aren’t overwhelmed by the entire ordeal.

It might not seem like something that happens on a regular basis, but children can become very easily overwhelmed by big changes in their lives. And moving house is arguably one of the biggest changes that a child can go through in their entire life. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways that you can ensure that your child doesn’t feel the stress of the move.

Start preparing months in advance

Not days, not even weeks; it will require several months to properly prepare your child to move home. But simply telling them that they’ll be moving soon isn’t enough. The best way to help them get ready for the big change is to take them to the new house a few times before they eventually move in. You could also take them to nearby parks or shops which they’ll visit frequently once the move has been completed, as this will help them to become familiar with the new area that they’ll be living in.

Get them involved with the move

One of the biggest mistakes that we see homeowners make during a move is not letting their children get involved with the packing or loading of the items. But by leaving their children out of the loop with what is happening, these parents are only adding to the confusion and mystery of the entire situation. Imagine you saw your whole life being packed away in boxes and loaded onto a strange truck, you’d probably want to know what what going on, right? Children are no different. Let them pack their own belongings (it’s ok to help them, of course) and show them that everyone in the house is doing exactly the same as they are. It won’t just help them feel useful, it’ll also help them to better understand what is happening.

It’s ok to revisit

Whenever a family is moving, children will often ask ‘will we ever come back here to visit?’. It’s easy to say yes and then never revisit your old home once you’ve moved. And although this may upset your children, many parents will justify this by saying that it is unhealthy to let your children revisit their old home. But I’d strongly disagree with this, and would actively encourage parents to let their children revisit their home once they’ve moved. It might be a pain to take your children to the old house, but it’s much better than leaving them to think about the dire state that their house could be in.

However, there are certain points which need to be stressed. Yes, it is fine to let your children go back to their old home and reminisce about the good times, but there should always be limits put in place. If a new family has moved in, then it is definitely not a good idea to ask if you can enter the house and take a look around. Not only is this slightly too intrusive, but it could also be difficult for your child to see another family living in their old home. The best way to revisit your old home is to take a look from the outside and reassure your child that the house is being looked after well by it’s new owners. If that isn’t enough reassurance, then it might be ok to approach the homeowner when they’re outside their home and mention that your child wanted to meet the new owners. However, if you’ve taken the time to properly prepare your child for the move, then this type of drastic behaviour shouldn’t be required.

Moving house with children is never easy, but there are always ways to make the entire ordeal a bit more manageable. If you have children and you’re moving house soon, then it’s a good idea to start planning out how the move will be executed. The less stress you’re under, the less stress your children will feel, which will help the entire move to go much smoother.