Prepare for your kids to be Gob Smax-ed!
What Did We Review:   Gobsmax

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Where to buy: Available at your leading retailer.  See Gobsmax for details.

GOBSMAX is a high-energy, jaw-dropping world. These dynamic ball shaped characters are all mouth and attitude!

With over 100 characters to collect, Gobsmax include common, rare, max rare and special edition.

Collect them all!

Features and Benefits:

  • 5 in a pack including a bonus launcher
  • Brightly coloured and unique
  • Encourages interactive open-ended play
  • A great sensory toy to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Reviewers Experience

With the cold weather comes a need for indoor games and entertainment for the children.  When shopping I am always on the lookout for something new and unique, fun and interactive, to entertain my children.

During my last shopping trip, I couldn’t go past Gobsmax 5 Pack.  These toys were like nothing I had seen before.  My children could not wait to get home, open the packaging and start playing with them.

The first thing I loved about this toy was the fact that there were five in a pack including a bonus launcher.  Instantly it made Gobsmax interactive, encouraging my children to play together and share.

Children can develop their own open-ended games whether it be rolling, bouncing, throwing, or catapulting them.   My children first began rolling them and then soon began to invent new games to play with them.  For example; who could land their ball into a bucket first, who could launch their ball the highest or longest distance.

Each ball is a unique character (with heaps of other characters available to buy and collect!) and has different facial expressions.

My children loved holding them, moving them in their hands, and swapping them between their hands.  A great sensory toy to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

These cute and brightly coloured toys are super strong.  At one point my children dropped these balls onto a concrete surface and they didn’t break to pieces.

My children loved being able to crash them and smash them all together, and loved the crashing sounds that they made.  The excitement created by the explosion of the toys together caused shrieks of laughter and joy.

On landing them on the ground or crashing the balls together, the balls opened to reveal cute wobbly teeth and a tongue. A great toy to encourage discussions about teeth and dental health.

My children loved these Gobsmax 5 Pack toys and are looking forward to adding more Gobsmax to their collection!