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Play N Wrap is made of pure cotton fabric.

The bottom layer is tough and durable, navy blue corduroy and the top layer is red and white striped soft cotton fabric.

A white cord runs in a concealed channel between the two layers of fabric, except at the ends, from where it can be pulled up into a bag to carry around toys, effectively making it a portable playroom.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Washable
  • Keeps everything in one place

Reviewer’s experience

If you are a parent you know what it is like to step on a Lego piece or small toy of some sort…thanks to Play N Wrap those moments have become less in this house as all our toys are now contained in a Play N Wrap.

The concept is really simple and best of all it means they kids can play almost anywhere and keep their toys contained.

The Play N Warp is a big round mat that the kids can play on that turns into a bag they can store and carry their toys in.

The mat is big enough to play on with another child whilst keeping all the toys contained in the area. Once they are finished playing the kids simply pull on the draw string and “wrap” the toys are all gone!

Thank you Play N Wrap!