Events are an important part of marketing and running a business.

They represent an opportunity to make connections with consumers. They are the point at which customers and brands meet and interact. So, event planning needs to be considered and careful.

The aim should be to get maximum value and impact out of your budget.

You can do this by combining quirky promotional tricks with event attractions that make a big statement. It is a good idea to focus on boosting customer engagement because people want to feel like a part of your brand narrative.

Keep reading to find out how you can make your business events something to talk about for weeks and months to come.

Hire a Photo Booth

Forget event photographers when planning your next product launch or brand activation. Turn to photo booth hire in Sydney instead, as it is far more engaging. People find it much easier to remember experiences and encounters if they have had a direct and active contribution. By inviting event guests to take charge of their own experience, you are ensuring that place more value in it. Plus, it produces some pretty cool mementoes as well.

Book an Impersonator

It might sound like a cheesy idea, but people love having the opportunity to take snaps with big stars, even if they are not quite what they seem. Plus, booking local impersonators and other creative professionals is an excellent way to support community talent and enterprise. Inviting an impersonator is a fun way to make an event memorable and add something a little unexpected. Your ‘star’ could even greet guests as they arrive at the venue.

Organise an Acapella Surprise

Similarly, corporate dinners and awards shows are livened up with the use of a few surprises. These events can be long and tiring. They are usually pretty formal too, so light entertainment lifts the mood and ensures that guests do not feel too stiff or bored. One bright idea is to book an acapella group and have them dress as waiters so that dinner guests are completely caught off guard when they burst into song.

Create a Caricature

Larger events, which involve multiple rooms and lots of guests are harder to keep on track. There is more to supervise, and it is not always possible to restrict activities and entertainment to a single selection. Keep roaming visitors occupied by placing little activity stations throughout the venue. For instance, a caricature artist is lots of fun and gives guests something unique and personal to take home.

Brave a Comedian

Not all corporate audiences can handle a stand-up comic, but there are lots of workplaces which love a bit of banter and a few jokes at the expense of the company. Having the nerve to book a comic is a good way for management to show employees that they have a sense of humour and don’t consider themselves too important for a good natured jibe or two. Just make sure that you check out plenty of reviews and previous material before hiring a performer.

Why You Should Get Creative with Your Next Event

Event planning is no easy feat, whether you are handling a small project or a sprawling agenda. The logistical requirements can be complicated and costly, but they are made easier with the use of a clear schedule and a reliable, skilled team.

Ideally, there should be a head planner, who is great at communicating with the rest of the group. It is their job to delegate and make sure that everybody is responsible for the right tasks. Ultimately, though, creativity and passion are the secret ingredients to a lively, memorable event.

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