Park Royal Hotel Melb AirportReviewers Rating:
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We arrived by car for our hotel stay. A brisk check-in, our car valet parked and we’re off to our room. We were due to leave the next morning so our room was perfectly placed for plane watching.

Features and Benefits:

Right beside the airport (but without the noise)
Full service – no need to leave the hotel
Business Facilities – Fly in, meet, fly out
Gym facilities – stay healthy while you travel
Family Friendly – good for the kids too

Reviewers Experience:

Our check-in was a breeze. The car was parked by the staff and we were in our room settling in with a minimum of fuss.

We enjoyed the opportunity of seeing the planes landing, taxiing and taking off – check out their Plane Spotters package – and because we arrived mid-afternoon and were staying overnight, we enjoyed the view of the planes well into the night.

The rooms are well furnished and the staff were well versed in attending to our requests and needs. Along with accommodation, PARKROYAL provides various sized and styled rooms for business, meetings, training, presentations etc. These are well placed and well presented and provide a great opportunity to arrive in Melbourne, conduct meetings of various sizes and leave town again without the need for extra travel to the city.  And they are keenly priced!

After a comfortable overnight stay, checking out was equally well handled – a quick tally of expenses, a customer service check as to our thoughts regarding the stay and we were on our way. A comfortable night, good service, pleasant ‘spotting’ of planes – well done PARKROYAL.