Penquin 3D Imax Melbourne Museum a

Reviewer’s Rating:
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At times I felt like I was watching the ‘real’ film version of the colony in Happy Feet. Although there is no Mumble or Lovelace!

Benefits and features

  • 3d effects offered some incredible perspective especially of penguins under water
  • the documentary may not be suitable for the really young children as there are some strong themes about the food chain and predators, not that anything untoward is shown. It is possible that some children might be distressed at a scene where a predator is targeting our family of penguins. (Spoiler alert – they are all ok at the end)
  • features Sir David Attenborough as narrator
  • this is a good family movie, quite realistic and comprehensive
  • the piece runs at an easy pace, includes spectacular great imagery and unique footage
  • good education about different species, including several types of seals.

Reviewer’s Experience

As with 3D movies and documentaries, the movie runs for about 45 minutes which is a good length for families with younger members.

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough this movie follows the meeting of a penguin couple and the raising of their first chick including the presence of predators and the threat and risk these predators (giant petrels and leopard seals along with killer whales) pose to all penguins. As a result the documentary may not be suitable for younger members of your family

The movie is the result of great photography. The credits show the list of people and places involved, and from the very first frame it is impossible to miss the significance and impact of the imagery.

Stay and read the credits to see just how many people were involved in filming and let us know if you notice the listing for – Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra. A nice little pun and some humour.

Actually the whole of the documentary has elements of education and fact, with a story about one family of penguins along with some humour. One funny scene involves a group of elephant seals basking and sleeping and snorting (along with other noises) on the beach.

This 45 minutes of film may not ever be sufficient to truly do justice to the time and effort of filming by the people on land, under water and on the water to capture these magnificent images. This is a spectacular visual feast featuring under water shots, incredible scenery of snow and storms on the Island as well as some incredible ice floes and glaciers.