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If you have children, or grandchildren or there are children in your life, who you want to be able to set boundaries for without the tears then this is the book for you. No Drama Discipline is as much about helping you as the adult to stay calm (and to behave like the adult) as it is about proven and practical tips and techniques to teach your children well.

A balanced and well written book with tips and techniques that would apply equally well in some workplaces! Written by parents, who openly admit that they are not perfect (and they include an appendix outlining a couple of examples) it is a practical and useful guide for parents.

If you want your children to grow to be balanced, self managing individuals then the strategies in this book will appeal to you. One of the most powerful comments made in the early stages of the book and reinforced is that neither children or parents can be expected to behave perfectly all the time. Much of the book really makes sense. For instance the recommendation to connect with your child before disciplining when they are upset really makes good sense. By connecting with a crying toddler (i.e. by a hug) you reassure them and let them know they are safe, which then helps their brain to accept the feedback that you need to give.

This is a book that skilfully and effectively blends robust theory and scientific data with down to earth parental experience to write a guide to No Drama Discipline that any parent with the desire to improve their relationship and outcomes with their children will benefit from. In fact some of the principles within the book could apply equally well to relationships between adults!

  • Clear and easy to read style of writing
  • Includes many different stories, examples and analogies that help readers make sense of the concepts and content
  • Tools and resources in the Appendices to keep the book and its principles fresh
  • Technical concepts and information are presented in a plain English style rather than using terminology that is specific to psychologies rather than language of parents
  • Filled with simple tools and acronyms to help you remember key concepts – such as the 3 Cs of a child’s brain (changing, changeable and complex) or the things to think about to HALT yourself going off the deep end (is my child hungry, angry, lonely or tired?)
  • Peppered with little cartoon images that reinforce and remind you of key points in the chapter
  • A short simple chapter structure with each chapter addressing on of the major areas of No Drama Discipline
  • Language that proves that the authors do understand how tough it can be at times to be a parent and that is reassuring at the same time

This was an easy book to read and reading just one chapter at a time worked a treat. It broke the information down and still maintained continuity. The style was easy to follow and the content was able to be absorbed quite well. Putting it into practice is a bit trickier as it takes conscious effort at first to get into this groove, but the introduction saying that the book is for parents who want to build skills and experiences with their children that will make them healthy and happy adults really struck a chord with this reader.