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The title “Mumpreneur – The complete guide to starting and running a successful business” hits the nail on the head.

It’s also a great refresher and self check for those who have been in business for a little while. You’ll be surprised at how easy it would be to re-energise your business!

Written by Annabel Karmel, a successful UK author, business owner and mum, this is a solid book loaded with practical advice, tips and insights that every person starting a business needs to read.

Her focus is on mums who often feel a lack of confidence in their ability to start a business and yet similar doubts may be felt by anyone considering starting a new business.

Features and Benefits

  • written in a conversational, easy to read style, the book is free of jargon and complex terminology
  • straightforward and logical chapter sequence builds a logical plan and approach for the new entrepreneur
  • contains lists of questions and templates for key aspects of a new business including market research, business planning and marketing
  • has many short quotes from notable figures such as Leonard Bernstein, Ariana Huffington, George Eliot, Andrea Jung, Sir Richard Branson and Albert Einstein
  • includes case studies and examples from a cohort of UK mumpreneurs referred to as Annabel’s “kitchen cabinet”
  • a thorough guide to all the areas to consider when starting a new business
  • quite up-to-date and includes social media tips
  • a good step-by-step guide that is well worth investing the time to read it and think rather than making mistake after mistake – time now will be time saved later

Reviewer’s Experience

A really easy to read and thorough guide. There is a set of resources at the end of the book, and while some are UK based and may not be helpful for an Australian audience, there are many that are global.

There is so much richness and generosity in this book, it truly is a business start-up guide written from the view of someone who has been there and done that.

This is a great start point and also a helpful reality check for an established business owner.

Well worth it!