What Did We Review:   The Mik Maks CD

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The Mik Maks are taking Australian kids music by storm! This band of brothers along with their loveable friend Drums the Panda create enormous energy via their unique sound, bright colours and catchy lyrics!

Features and Benefits:

  • An Australian music group
  • Fun and catchy tunes
  • Colourful CD packaging


Reviewers Experience

When travelling with young children in the car it doesn’t take long to start hearing the familiar sounds of “I’m bored!” and “Are we there yet?”.  Even short drives to the local supermarket quickly become a battleground of wills.

For today’s travelling adventure I decided to do something different.  I decided to put on the self-titled CD from the children’s group The Mik Maks into the CD player.

As soon as I put the The Mik Maks CD into the CD player something magical happened.  All the usual bickering from the little people in the back seat of my car suddenly stopped.

This passionate childrens’ group comprising of brothers Joel, Brian, Al and Dean McInnes, hailing from Geelong in country Victoria, instantly captivated my children’s attention.   The sound of the upbeat tune of their first track “Groovy Mover” had my children completely enthralled, and bouncing and clapping in their seats.  Every song on the CD is so fun and catchy encouraging children to imagine, sing, dance and follow the actions.

Each track covers a different theme appealing to all childrens interests; from dinosaurs to owls, the Aussie mossie to crocodiles, pirates to rocket ships.  My children loved the forth track “Submarine” and immediately started singing in unison “have you seen our’s red and yellow and blue and green”.  I even found myself singing too!

My children also loved the bright and colourful packaging around the CD, and enjoyed matching the pictures inside the packaging to each song as it was played.

This is definitely one CD to have in your collection! We love the Mik Macs CD and are looking forward to seeing The Mik Maks live in concert!