mom-daughter-garden1Being a mum can be exhausting and the job is never over, but there is nothing in the world that a mum loves more than her kids. Mums work hard to take care of their kids, and on Mother’s Day it’s your turn to give back and take care of her. There are a variety of ways to show mum how much you love and appreciate her, but if you can make your celebrations personal to her and her tastes, you’ll be well on your way to a perfect Mother’s Day!

Know who she is.

The first step towards a perfect Mother’s Day is to remember who your mum is as a person. Doing things she enjoys and getting gifts for mum that fit her specific tastes will be way more impactful than generic gifts. Think about the things she does in her free time. Is she obsessed with the family dog? Does she have her own garden? Is she athletic? Once you know what mum likes, it’s easy to plan a day she will remember and find a gift she will genuinely love!

Write a heartfelt letter.

Rather than just a standard greeting card, write a heartfelt letter telling your mum how much she means to you. You can detail a favorite memory, things she does that you really appreciate her for or even just some compliments about who she is as a person.

Did your mum give you countless rides to sport practices? Maybe she came to help you out when you had your own child? Has she always encouraged you to follow your dreams? Whatever it is that makes you love your mum that much more, tell her!

Give the gift of your time.

Whatever it is you decide to do on Mother’s Day, that important part is that you do it together.

As your existence is what makes your mum a mother, celebrating that connection is all the more meaningful on this holiday. Take the time to have conversations together and do activities where you can really bond!

Learn something new together.

A great bonding experience for you and mum could be taking a class together!

Choose a class that relates to one of her hobbies, or something she’s always wanted to try doing. You could learn windsurfing, take a cheese making class or take a creative writing course. Learning something new together will teach you both a new skill while also giving you the opportunity to learn more about each other.

Have a relaxation day.

Sometimes what a busy mum really wants is a day or rest and relaxation.

Book a spa day to pamper her, or have a low key day at home with her favorite foods and movies! Again, knowing who your mum is as person and what types of things she enjoys will make her day perfect for her.

Spread the love.

Don’t forget the other mothers in your life!

Whether they’re grandmothers, aunts, in laws, sisters or friends, don’t forget to wish other mothers a happy Mother’s Day too. Depending on who your own mother is close with, you could also include her mum or sisters in your day of celebrations.

This Mother’s Day, show mum what you love about her.

Your mum is unique, and there isn’t another mum like her. Keeping that in mind, you are sure to plan a perfect day that she will always remember!

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