Postcards have had a rich history, having connected travelers with their families back home since the 19th century. Over the years, postcards have evolved into more than just a card with a short message. Instead, they convey a wide range of emotions by exposing the receiver to scenic images they would never have seen before. While communication in the digital is faster and simpler than sending a postcard, they continue to be popular items among travelers due to their significance as a memento from the destination that can be preserved for years to come.

While the art of postcard writing may be a fading one, postcard marketing has sprung to prominence as a potent and personal way to connect with customers.

For travelers wanting to send a message back home to loved ones, no other form of communication relays the full spectrum of emotions of being overseas quite like a print postcard. Travel businesses can piggyback off the nostalgia of postcards to deliver important marketing messages in a vibrant, memorable and effective way.

Even in today’s digital era, direct mail solutions are still stellar opportunities to effectively market to customers. Receiving physical mail leaves a great impression, since potential customers are able to have a tangible connection with the marketing material.

Postcards are also extremely versatile. They can be used to close sales, generate leads, cultivate return business or introduce new products. Here’s more reasons why you must invest in postcard printing for your business:

Postcards are short, sharp and easy to digest

Consumers can often have short attentions spans when it comes to advertising. As a result, marketing messages need to be crisper and delivered in short spurts, so the audience can absorb them without spending too much time on it.

Messages on a postcard are easy read and far more digestible than a newsletter, EDM or booklet filled with ads and coupons. Customers might even put your postcard on their fridge!

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