Bunnings cactus mixGive mum a gift straight from the heart by creating a homemade rock cactus garden for her this Mother’s Day.

This easy DIY project will look great in the garden or home and what’s more, mum  will love this low maintenance garden as no watering is required!


  • Paint brushes


  • Terracotta pot and saucer
  • Rocks
  • House paint in green, yellow and white
  • Sand


  • Step 1: Paint your rocks
    Paint each of your rocks with a coat of green paint. If your first coat isn’t bright enough, wait for your rocks to
    dry and paint a second coat of green.
    Tip: Add your own flair by choosing some of mum’s favourite colours to paint your cactus rocks.
  • Step 2: Decorate your rocks
    Once the paint has dried, add details to your cactus by using white paint to draw on veins and yellow paint to
    create small flowers. Create a different design for each rock to give it a personal touch that mum will love.
  • Step 3: Prep your pot
    Place your pot in the saucer and fill it half way up with sand. The sand will support your cactus rocks.
    Tip: A fun idea is to paint your pot so that it looks extra special for mum.
  • Step 4: Arrange your cacti
    Once all your rocks are dry, simply arrange them in your pot to make them look like a cluster of cacti.