Bunnings Plaque mixGive dad a gift he will treasure forever by creating a handmade plaque with a special message that he can hang in his office or at home.


  • Felt tip coloured pens
  • Scissors

Materials 

  • Grunt 300mm Jute Twine (F/L – 4310542)
  • Boyle 150pce Craft Accessories Natural Pop Sticks (F/L – 1850557)
  • An assortment of lightweight washers/ nuts/ wing nuts
    – Ramset 25mm Green Plastic Wall Plugs – 25 Pack (F/L – 2262454)
    – Ramplug Ramset Carded 7mm x 35 (F/L – 2263662)
  • Boyle 100ml Craft Glue (F/L – 1857800)

Step 1: Make the base

Make the plaque’s base by lying ten pop sticks down in a row next to each other so their sides are touching.

Next, glue two pop sticks along the top of the ten sticks to create the base of your plaque.

Step 2: Message to dad

Once the glue has dried, turn your plaque over and use some bright coloured felt tip pens to write a special message to dad.

Step 3: Decorate

Now it’s time to get creative and decorate your plaque! Using some craft glue, stick some nuts, bolts and other decorations around the edges of the plaque to make it look extra special for dad.

Step 4: Attach the hanger

Using scissors, cut approximately 20cm to 30cm of twine and fold it in half. Using the glue, stick the two open ends of the twine to the back of the plaque to form a loop. Once the glue is dry, your plaque is ready to give to dad!

View the full Bunnings instructional video here, or visit www.bunnings.com.au/diy-advice.