Lodge Tapas
What Did We Review:  Lodge Tapas

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Where to buy:  Lodge Tapas, Lane Cove, NSW


Lodge Tapas – a Wednesday night – almost full and little wonder.

Features and Benefits:

  • The menu choices were diverse, original and varied
  • The menu choices catered for adults, children, vegetarians and healthy nuts
  • The dishes all had their own “Lodge Tapas” flair – it was so lovely to not simply be served the same old dishes as one would expect from a local restaurant
  • Every dish we ordered was delicious and the only thing stopping us from eating more was that we were so full!
  • The cocktails we ordered were original, delicious and bountiful
  • The staff were friendly and attentive and not at all pushy
  • The atmosphere in the restaurant was friendly and calm and we conversed easily without having to raise our voice over other conversations
  • The patrons were almost equally made up of couples on mid week dates, families and friends catching up – Lodge Tapas really does cater to all people in the local area.

Reviewers Experience

We loved the experience from start to finish and had the opportunity to have a chat to Matt, the lovely owner of Lodge Tapas. He is so passionate about his restaurant and clearly works very hard to cater to his patrons.

His staff were all very happy which I think is always indicative of a happy workplace.