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Little Live Pets are the pets that move, feel and act so real. With funny birds, beautiful butterflies and more in the range, there’s bound to be a pet that’s perfect for you! Take them home from the store and care for them – just like a real pet!

Features and Benefits

  • Cute and interactive
  • Lifelike
  • Great colours
  • A great range making them easy to collect

Reviewers Experience

Miss 6 has been a fan of Little Live Pets since they hit the market but her latest additions to her collection have her even more excited. These toys just get better and better!

Moose toys have combined technology and classic pet play, which creates a fun, interactive toy that contemporary kids will likely find appealing in their range of Little Live Pets that is expanding again!

Little Live Pets have become even more interactive and the new Dazzle wings that arrived with Cupcake Katie had Miss 6 super impressed.

Katie not only has 30 bird calls, you can record your own voice and she will repeat it back to you. Something Miss 6 finds amusing with everyone she shows Katie to!

The more you interact with Katie, the happier she becomes, and she will respond to your touch with singing, chirping and tweeting!

Then we have my personal favourite – Shelly the Princess Turtle. I have always secretly wanted turtles and now with Shelly, I can pretend I have one when Miss 6 is not playing with her!Moose Toys 2

Shelly has hit the bath and walks around the house too just like a real turtle. Miss 6 loves her at bath time as her Little Live Pet and will play for ages in the water and there are giggles as Shelly dives, swims and turns.

Shelly is a hit for all of us in the house!

Little Live pets are getting better and we can’t wait to see the new releases this year so we can keep adding to our collection!