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Where to buy: Get Kids Cooking

If you want to encourage a love of good food in your children and have them involved in the meal making process then Get Kids Cooking is a great way to foster that interest.

Whether as a gift idea or a fresh take on bringing cooking skills into your home, Get Kids Cooking is a cross between a membership club and cooking classes for children aged between 5 and 13.

Each month a package is delivered to your door that includes a cooking utensil, a series of recipes, an ingredient list and great cooking tips.

There are also key pantry ingredients such as herbs, spices or something to help with that month’s recipes. And to recognise their efforts, kids receive a skills badge to add to their prized cooking apron.

At a time when home cooking is being reprised and reinvented in shows like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, Get Kids Cooking is fun, it’s exciting, it’s something that can involve the whole family and it teaches fabulous skills for life.

Features and Benefits

  • Arrives as a single kit
  • Includes a series of recipes that vary in complexity
  • Includes a product to add to kids’ utensil collection
  • The shopping list is easy to read
  • Ingredients are readily available
  • Badge to sew on their apron
  • Teaches new skills each month
  • Encourages nutrition for life
  • Re-teaches lost skills in the kitchen
  • Adds enthusiasm to nutritious meals
  • Includes great tips, hints, fun facts and pictures for the more complex creations
  • Recipes even featured slight variations

Reviewer’s Experience

From the moment this package arrived at our house my kids were enthralled. There was tasting, touching and playing with the itensils, all before the real fun had even commenced.

Our trial featured a series of recipes with varying degrees of difficulty, but all of which were nutritious and each employed some great cooking skills like measuring, chopping, baking and boiling.

Our pack saw us creating sausage rolls, pumpkin pastries, scrolls, pumpkin soup, alphabet soup, a snack of roast pumpkin seeds, and even homemade tomato sauce.

Within our package was alphabet pasta, spices for the pumpkin seeds and poppy seeds for the sausage rolls. This was to complement our easy to read and source shopping list, which in itself brought huge delight as the kids ticked the likes of vegetables, mince, herbs and cheeses off the list.

Then it was time for cooking. We broke our recipes down to do once a week, starting with a fabulously easy alphabet soup. And yes it was tasty, along with all the meals on our menu.

The list of things I loved about this experience is lengthy. Everything seems to have been thought of – from the ingredients card to the list of equipment you will need. The monthly recipes also include items for the school lunchbox, and allergy free and gluten free options.

The utensil that is provided is different each month allowing children to build their own cooking kit. There are also great tips and hints about food hygiene, nutrition and some fun food facts.

You can then even go online to the Get Kids Cooking website for some more fabulous recipes to try.

Best of all this is a great way to enjoy the company of your children as you shop, create and eat together…then await the arrival of the next month’s exciting package to do it all again.