Jumping Jack 2Jumping Jack Flash
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Can you catch Jack? Collect carrots from Jack’s garden but be careful, one of his carrots will set him jumping high in the air with a fright.

Features and benefits

  • Encourages sharing and taking turns
  • Fantastic for teaching basic counting skills
  • Coloured baskets are used which is great for making sure children know their colors
  • Boosts hand eye coordination “trying” to catch Jack
  • As it is aimed at children 4+ it is a game that doesn’t take long to play
  • Doesn’t need batteries

Reviewer’s experience

From the minute Mr Almost 6 opened the box I could tell we were in for a long night.

Being a big boy in Prep, he was keen to show off his counting skills, how good he was at taking his turn and once we had read the rules, how great he was going to be at catching Jack.

Little was he prepared for how fast or how high Jack could jump and I must admit I wasn’t either.

In the beginning it was just the two of us playing, but after all the laughing and squealing coming from our games, all baskets were in play. The rules were easy to follow and as new family members wanted to join in, Mr Almost 6 took great pleasure in explaining the rules in great detail.

A big plus in Mr Almost 6’s eyes was that it didn’t need batteries. He was so excited that we could start to play straight away instead of having to find batteries to fit.  A big plus for everyone else was it took next to no time to get through a game which meant we were able to get quite a few games in before anyone’s interest moved elsewhere.

As the night wore on and all family members had finished trying to catch Jack, Mr Almost 6 decided that he would play alone counting how many times he could catch Jack in a row.

He even created his own rules. He took turns which baskets to use counting up how many times the blue basket beat the pink basket ’cause blue for boys always wins.

This is a game that I would highly recommend for the whole family – loads of excitement Jack jumps!