Aunty Rozzy 600x300Education Disguised with Fun!

At last, children can be entertained with music that doesn’t gurgle or mumble jargon words that just sound nice to listen to. Aunty Rozzy’s Happy Music with a Healthy Message is a fantastic way to encourage children to be excited about healthy eating and living. Along with Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit, children do indeed discover a wonderful world of fruit and veggies. But it also allows them to venture into an Australian journey where they can sing, dance, listen and learn along to varying styles of music.


  • Great Music
  • Educational and Fun for Young and Old
  • Great CD for the Car

Reviewer’s Experience

Love, Love, Loved The Aunty Rozzy ‘Its Yummy Tummy Time CD’. It’s our new favourite cd for listening to in the car.

My kids are always in a good mood when Aunty Rozzy is played.  Fun, educational and the best part, my children are actually still learning in both their play and down time.

Our 3yr old is still a bit young to grasp what’s being said but in following his siblings’ footsteps, he now goes straight for the fruit bowl at snack time.  They all individually have their favourite song, but with the diverse music genres, it’s something that can still be repeatedly listened to.

TV isn’t always encouraged in our home, however, the Aunty Rozzy DVD is something that my children love to engage with.

The Incredible Edible Alphabet is my personal favourite and I love watching how interactive my children are when it comes to sounding out the Alphabet.