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Where to Buy: Vegie Patch

Take the kids into the garden with the Planet Eco Veggie garden kits and have fun showing them where their food comes from.  Introduce them to a world of wonder and excitement as they watch ‘their’ seeds sprout from beds tehy helped make and then turn into full grown plants and finally produce the goodies.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple and easy to read instructions
  • Eco friendly even down to the inks used for printing
  • Packaged with and address label making it a gift ready to send.

Inside the vegie gardening kit you will find:

  • 5 packets of organic seeds – baby carrot (little finger), cucumber (marketmore), lettuce (salad bowl green), radish (pink beauty) and rocket (arugula)
  • 5 bamboo plant tags
  • 18 biodegradable coconut coir eco-pots
  • A planet-eco grow guide – picture based booklet covering how and when to grow the seeds in your pack plus others

Designed with kids 3-12 years in mind – depending on the situation some big kids like the Daad in our family will like it too.

We cannot be certain who was more excited when the vegie patch kit arrived – Daddy or the Kids, but either way they all had fun. The weekend arrived and out went Dad and the Kids to the vegie garden – well the bare patch that they turned into a vegie patch.

They started by planting their seeds into the eco pots and the kids sat there watching, waiting for them to grow until daddy explained it would take time.

Then over the next few weeks they watered and watched their seeds grow with Daddy measuring them and coming in with a report.

The bamboo tags with inbuilt measuring was a hit with my stats based kids and they used it to make graphs with Daddy and track the grow of their seeds.

It’s a complete starter kit and easily sets up the learning process.